What do the parts cost?

    What do the parts cost?

  • Domain Names are "rented" from the registrant by the year. Prices are competitive up to $35/year for new dot com domain names. Log Cabin Web Design charges $20/year/name to obtain, point, forward and manage your domain names. You do not have to do any work other than "pick" the name.

  • Hosting Space is "rented" from the hosting company by the month or year. Prices are competitive and vary with amount of space and amount of traffic allowed. One key consideration is the surcharge for exceeding allowable traffic limits when your website becomes popular. Log Cabin Web Design handles the work of setting up and managing your hosting space and 2 basic email accounts.
    There will be a one time set up fee usually about $50.00
    Basic hosting paid annually for a young website runs about $200.00

  • Web Site Structure is the basic design and construction of your site. A Basic 5 page site with some simple graphics and 2 photos/page will cost about $50.00/page

  • Navigation is the "flow" of your site and is included in the structure.

  • Page Design is the "look" and function of your pages. Basic design is included in the basic cost. Websites are a number of web pages laced together by navigation. Adding pages to your basic site will cost between $30 and $60/page.

  • HTML Coding is the "secret stuff" behind the page that a web designer does to tell the web browser (internet explorer, chrome or safari) what to show to the person viewing the web page.

  • Text is the "important stuff" you provide. Words on the page tell your message. You supply the text via e-mail. Text should be supplied without formatting. If you write text in a word processor, please do not format or add graphics. You can simply copy your text and send it via email.

  • Keywords are the words on the page that the search spiders use to rank your site. You should have an idea of what your keywords are. What is your customer looking for?

  • Logos and Graphics are the things that grab your viewers attention. I will create a few simple graphics* for your site. More complex logos and graphics can be created for you by a graphic designer.
    (cost is extra).

  • Photographs are what sell your product. You supply 2 photos per page. I scan the hard copy photos and create a web ready graphic*. If you have digital photos you can send them via e-mail, but they must be in jpg format. (Send only one photo per e-mail with page url location stated in the subject line) or, you can burn your full size digital photos to a CD, DVD or thum drive and deliver in person or via snail mail.
    If you do not have photos, I can take digital photos.
    (cost is extra).

  • Links are connections between websites. Search engines love links. You can supply links. I can offer links from other sites. The more links to your site the better it will rank in the engines.

  • Submission to search engines today happens automatically once links are made on an existing site to your new site. The spider follows the links to the new site and then includes the new site in the search database. Sites are evaluated for content. Some engines show new sites within hours, some have a "sandbox" where new sites stay for up to 6 months before being added to the database.

  • Making Changes and/or additions to your site. Adding pages (after the initial build) to your basic site will cost between $30 and $60/page. Changes to your site (after the initial build) are charged at the rate of $60/hour or $1.00 per minute. Web customers may opt for a pre-paid plan when looking at web changes. Rates for pre-paid work are $30/hour. Pre-paid customers also move forward in work order in a pre-paid "que", faster than the regular "bill me later" work que.

  • *Copyright & Trademark. To protect your business, you may want to trademark your name. To protect my business, I copyright my creative work. Copyright protection exists from the time the work is created in a fixed, tangible form of expression. The copyright in the work of authorship immediately becomes the property of the author who created the work. If a work is protected by copyright, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder to reuse it. Copyright is secured automatically when the work is created. While you may own the content supplied to a web developer the underlying code, page layout, and any other graphics or materials used or created for your website is owned by the web developer.
    In the digital age, where much of one's most valuable copyrighted property can be stolen at the click of a mouse, a person may be criminally liable if they willfully copy a work for profit or financial gain.
    The webmaster requires that all information, text, names, photos, graphics, etc. that you, the customer, supplies belongs to you and will not violate any trademark or copyright of another person or business.

  • Removing your website and all links leading to it. Remember, if you choose to take your site (or site within a site) down, there will be charges for the time involved in removing the pages, pictures and links from the web.
    Time is Money.

  • Learn More

You can have a good website for as little as $500.00

For more information, please send an email with your name, phone, business info (and web address/domain name if you already have one) using the email link below which should open your email software:

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If your email program did not open, just send an email to: nancy@logcabinwebdesign.com

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