Simple Five Page Web Site

You can have a good website for as little as $500.00

Web Site Structure is the basic design and layout of your site. A Basic 5 page HTML site with some simple graphics and 10 photos can cost as little as $500.00. You supply web ready photos, one photo per e-mail, and simple text (no formatting) one page at a time, via e-mail. Package includes initial 20 minute meeting in Bloomington, 2 phone calls and up to 25 e-mail communications.

What exactly is a Simple Web Page?

Simple 5 Page Website/Name/Hosting Package: $500.00

Send me an e-mail.

Are you wondering why it costs?

    Ala Carte
  • Annual Webhosting $200.00 per year (includes management of DNS, stats, outages & mailboxes)
  • Annual Domain Name $20.00 per year (includes management of DNS)
  • Set Up email box $30.00 per box
  • Website construction $50.00 per page (simple text page, site text navigation, top & bottom graphics + 2 photos)
  • Extra Code: embed sound or vid, image maps, backgrounds, frames, lists, etc. $60 per hour.
  • Links to Your Site: $20/link/yr from my established sites
  • Web ready photos $10.00 per photo
  • Web ready navigation graphics $30.00 per graphic
  • Communication: $5 per extra email (based on time and does not include the first 25 emails needed to develop simple site)
  • Phone Communication: Cost of call plus time at $60 per hour (does not include the first 2 calls needed to develop simple site)
  • Meetings: Cost of time at $60 per hour plus travel expense.

Are you afraid of spoofing, spamming, virus & worms ???

Always surf safe...important computer virus information.

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