What it Costs... & Why

Web site design, construction and management is an art and a craft. It takes time, talent and skill. Costs are based on time. You can buy a package, pay by the hour or pre-pay. A deposit is taken before work begins. Most communication about a website under construction takes place via e-mail.

The crafting of a web page takes time. The construction of a web site takes skill. Efficient navigation and clean coding are essential if you want a web site to be found by people searching the internet via search engines. The web site must be designed for your customer and for the SEARCH SPIDERS that will discover, rank and display it to your potential customer.

The website must be designed, and the pages written, for two viewers. The human viewer and the search spider. It is critical that the coding of a web page consider both viewers. If the search spider cannot read and digest the code, it will not "spit out" your site when the human viewer types in their search query, and many potential customers may never see your website.

Once the human viewer (potential customer) finds the page, they must find something of interest within the first 30 seconds. The potential customer must see something that says to them: " STAY! This is what you are looking for"

    Simple Website = $500.00
  • Website construction (5 simple pages)
  • Webhosting (1 yr)
  • Domain Name (1 yr)
  • Set Up (account & 2 email boxes)

Why??? What are the costs for???

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