What does the client need to do for a simple 5 page site?

Take 8 simple steps!


#1. Client sends a retainer (non refundable) via check or paypal for the webwork.

Please request snail mail address via e-mail or use the Paypal button below.

The Paypal button below lets you pick from 4 options and pay via your paypal account, debit or credit card.

(Remember to pay all use fees if you don't have a paypal account.)


Choose Domain Name

#2. Client chooses the base name for the website from list of available names.

Websites can have forwarded domain names added later, as needed.

Example: site is www.shoes.com

Forwarded names are: www.redshoes.com and www.blueshoes.com

Plan Site and Keyword Phrases

#3 Client provides plan for website and keyword information.

The plan would lay out the navigation, future expansion, web safe color choices and logo graphics to be used.

If a site may exceed 5 pages in the future, basic navigation should be built with future expansion in mind.

Keywords and keyword phrases are those words potential clients will use to search for your product or service. They may include product names, locations, descriptive terms, branded names, trademark names, etc.

Send Plain Text for each page via e-mail.

#3 Client sends copy (plain text) for each of the five pages.

This should be sent via e-mail. One e-mail for each of the five pages. Each e-mail in this process needs to state in the subject line the page name or the page url.

Text should be without formatting, sent in the body of the email. Do NOT build a page in a word doc and send that.

If you wish to send the "look" of a page please send it as a printable .pdf file and please understand that the "look" may require extra coding (extra cost).

Simple pages are paragraphs of text with simple graphics at top and bottom of page, text link navigation at top or bottom of page and 2 web ready photos.

Send Web Ready Photos

#4 Client sends 2 photos for each of the five pages.

Web ready photos should be sent (.jpg format no larger than 1000 pixels wide) attached to an e-mail.

Again, send one e-mail for each page attaching no more than 2 photos as each page in a 5 page site will be designed to accommodate 2 photos.

Hard copy photos, scanned photos on disc, and non-web-ready photos can be used. There may be an extra charge to make them web ready.

Any logo graphics should be sent as well. Logo graphics should be .jpg or .gif files and no larger than 800 pixels wide. Subject line should indicate that this is the logo graphic for the website.

Send Outgoing Links

#5 Client sends links to other websites.

Any outgoing links and link copy should be sent via e-mail. Client will need to decide if site will include a "links" page or outgoing links will be added on the 5 site pages, within or below text.

Client must provide any/all code needed, via e-mail, for specialized links from your site to: your selling site, your storefront, Paypal, Amazon, Facebook and other social network sites or gadgets.

We provide incoming links from at least 5 established websites to introduce your site to search spiders (this is a good thing).

Test E-mail Boxes

#6 Client tests e-mail boxes.

2 e-mail boxes will be set up for your website. Usually one will be "info" @ yourdomain.com. The other may be "billing" @ yourdomain.com.

More e-mail boxes may be set up (additional webwork charges apply)

Client will check boxes via webmail or e-mail software to be sure they are working properly.

Proof Pages and Site Navigation

#7 Client proofs all pages and site navigation

Client will proofread text for spelling/grammer errors and check all navigation links. Client will need to proof all links on all pages of the site.

Client will submit corrections one page per e-mail working from the top to the bottom of web page.

Copy the bad text and follow it with the replacement text in your e-mail, top to bottom.

Make sure the page url is in the subject line of the e-mail.

Send Final Payment

#8 Client sends final payment via check or paypal (don't forget to pay use fees if not a paypal account holder).

Please request snail mail address via e-mail.

All final tweaks to site will be made upon receipt of final payment.

Please be advised that the retainer is non-refundable and goes to hosting and domain name costs. Webmaster may be unable to produce website should the client fail to supply all information above in timely manner.

Making changes to your website later...

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