Client Responsibility

First, the client needs to send the required retainer via check or paypal for the webwork to commence.

Clients are put in cue based on timeframe of both pay and send.

Pre-paid cue work is always first, by order of time sent. All work sent as directed (see below) should be processed within 5 work days.

Plan your Site

Second, the client needs to make decisions about domain name, keywords, goals, copyright, colors, layout and navigation.

Basic navigation for a 5 page site is: 1. index page, 2. contact page, 3. about page, 4. product page, 5. link page.

Some or more of the above can be combined if 3 product pages are needed.

If a site may exceed 5 pages in the future, basic navigation must be built with future expansion in mind. Client must state this intent before basic navigation is completed.

Colors should be web ready colors.

All copy and graphics must be original. Client guarantees that all subject matter is owned/created by client and does not violate any copyright or trademark laws.

Send Text, graphics, photos, links

Third, the client needs to send copy (text) and graphics for each of the five pages. This text should be sent via e-mail. One e-mail for each of the five pages. You can write the text in the e-mail. You do not need to write in "Word". Text sent should not have any formatting. No formating done in a word processor will translate into HTML code.
  • Each e-mail in this process needs to state in the subject line the page url which is found in the address bar and looks like this:
  • Any changes to text on a page should be sent the same way, one page per e-mail. Work from the top of the page down. It is best to state the paragraph and word/words that need changed, followed by the word/words to replace them.
  • Next web ready photos should be sent (.jpg format no larger than 1000 pixels wide) attached to an e-mail. Again, send one e-mail for each page attaching no more than 2 photos as each page in a 5 page site will be designed to accommodate 2 photos.
  • Any logo graphics should be sent as well. Logo graphics should be .jpg or .gif files and no larger than 800 pixels wide. Subject line should indicate that this is the logo graphic for the website.
  • Any outgoing links and link copy should be sent via e-mail. Client will need to decide if site will include a "links" page or outgoing links will be added on the 5 site pages, within or below text.
  • Client must provide any/all code needed, via e-mail, for specialized links from your site to: your selling site, your storefront, paypal, Amazon, Facebook and other social network sites or gadgets.

Adding extras

The client may wish to add things to the basic web pages such as music, embedded video, lists of items, extra photos, custom graphics. All of these things require special coding. Costs are charged against a pre-paid retainer as time at $1.00 per minute.

Proofing pages and site

Last, the client will be asked to proof pages as they are finished and finally the whole 5 page website, including the navigation links. Client will need to proof all text and all links on all pages of the site. Final payment for site is also due at this time. Final changes will be made when final payment is received. If you are in a hurry, you may send payment quickly via paypal.

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