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This is a simple webpage. It has a graphic logo at the top. It has several paragraphs of text that inform the viewer of the product featured on this website. The text contains keywords that help this page to be indexed by Google and other search engines, and then, displayed to the viewer in a web browser when they perform a search for those keywords.

Browsers are software programs on computers and other devices which allow people to "surf the net". Popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

Simple web pages are coded in HTML. The Browser reads this code which resides on a web server and displays the web page to the viewer. The code is also read by the search spider. The spider relays the code to the search database. The search engine then ranks websites based on many factors and returns a list of websites with information the viewer is searching for.

Simple Graphics and Photos

Simple logo graphics are at the top and bottom of a simple web page. They add color and flavor to the page and help to brand the product with the viewer. Simple graphics are made in software programs such as "PaintShop", "PhotoShop" and "PhotoImpact". Fonts are used in graphics to change the look of words. Web ready colors are used in graphics. Web ready colors display the same across all browsers.

2 digital photos are displayed on a simple web page. These photos must be web ready. Simply, that means the file size must be small enough for the photos to load quickly. Today's cameras take 8 megapixel photos. These must be reduced, or "photoshopped" to a smaller size so they will download from the server quickly. The average viewer spends less than 30 seconds on a web page. Building a web site is alot like building a computer. There are a lot of parts and pieces and they all need to work together for good results.

A simple web page usually has a link or two that takes the viewer beyond this web site to other sites of interest. This may be a simple text link to search or it may be a short list of other resources: A web page may need "lines" to divide the content for the viewer. These are simple graphics.

A simple web page has text navigation links to the rest of the site

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